Founder's Message

Founder, YEESS

Job a day, keeps the unemployment away.

Unfortunately we don’t have such formula to fix youth unemployment, it’s not difficult to achieve either.

Having been an IT consultant, Dance Choreographer and Founder ,I want to welcome you to the YEESS (Youth Engagement and Employment Support System Limited), the national non-profit youth organisation that have lifelong benefits for all of the participants, and aims to help young people to develop a range of life skills, including healthy behaviour; build confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills, communication and teamwork; event management and planning; and volunteering opportunities that link young people to further education and training.

As a small group of us, both professionals and non-professionals, joined together and agreed there was an urgent need for a robust framework and an service model dedicated to Australian youth community that will prevent disadvantaged youth from engaging in destructive behaviour involving violence, self-harm, suicide and the like by opening up a range of feasible outcomes and helping them to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Also to promote the prevention or the control of diseases (including alcoholism, drug dependence or addiction, anxiety related disorders and depression) in Disadvantaged youth community and their families.

The substantial rise in youth unemployment outlined deep concern to policy-makers, jobs services and charitable sectors and the broader community. An extended period out of the workforce for a young person in this most formative period of their lives places them at risk of a life sentence of poverty and exclusion from the mainstream of our society.

The solution is clear: invest in young people now, harness their ambitions, develop their capacities – and we will save in the long term

We encourage you to join our efforts by becoming involved in YEESS, whether it is as a volunteer, as a mentor or a philanthropic donor.

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Love you all,


Path Preet Singh

Founder, YEESS