Framework for Youth Development

YEESS has created a framework known as YEESS Youth Profiling System (Version 0.1) consisting of 10 Stages which are spread up into 3 sections.
Each stage of the Framework is explained in detail below.

YEESS Youth Profiling System – STAGES


Stage 01 | Youth Engagement
Let’s Assume, YEESS got a Youth referral from Australian Government (Centrelink), Local Youth Organizations, Detention and Juvenile’s centers. Once information will administered, YEESS will enter all information in YEESS Application “YEESS Youth Profiling System v0.1”. Yeess youth worker will go through and evaluates information. Yeess Youth worker will arrange a meeting with Disadvantage and Troubled Youth.

Stage 02 | Youth Counselling
After Meeting with Youth, YEESS Youth Worker will create youth profile and future goals. For instance, after having counselling, YEESS Youth Worker find out Youth would like to become a Disc Jockey (Music Category).

Stage 03 | Trade Mentor Line-up
YEESS will find out Mentor (Professional DJ) who can provide right direction and guidelines in uplifting Youth knowledge and confidence in Music Industry.

Stage 04 | Business Equipment Line-up
YEESS will provide “Youth” with equipment’s essential i.e DJ Mixer, Microphone, Heavy Speaker and whole Disc Jockey Unit. So Youth can borrow equipment’s and take them home for practicing and improvised their skills.


Stage 05 | Business Mentor Line-up
YEESS will teach business essentials i.e how to open, operate, plan and organize business activities i.e Company registration, Accounting, Business indemnity etc.

Stage 06 | Business Shape-up Aid
YEESS will provide small business assistance with providing required marketing and branding tools i.e printing their business cards, marketing collateral (logo designs and posters).

Stage 07 | Social Networking Education
YEESS will provide Website and support, so they can develop their small scale business globally.

Stage 08 | IT Support & Assistance
YEESS will provide Social networking strategy i.e Facebook, You Tube, Twitter etc., so Youth can use essential tools for their personnel development and business growth.


Stage 09 | Employment Line-up
Once Youth is loaded with skills knowledge, Equipment’s and Professional experience. YEESS will introduce them to Employment consultants, Australian Government support agencies and Community Organizations.

Stage 10 | Monitoring Performance
YEESS will do Monthly follow ups with Youth to understand their success rate. Data will be collected and enter into “YEESS Youth Profiling System v0.1” and will be shared and forward to Australian Government and Community Organizations for reporting and audit requirements.

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