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Job a day, keeps an unemployment away.

Unfortunately we don’t have such formula to fix youth unemployment, it’s not difficult to achieve either. If we invest in our available pool of young workers, we all benefit as a society and economy. Excluded people cannot contribute productively to our society, which adversely affects prospects for national growth and represents an avoidable dollar cost to public services.

The solution is clear: invest in young people now, harness their ambitions, develop their capacities – and we will save in the long term.

With help of funding, YEESS will execute and improvised YEESS framework, Also YEESS will organise and runs Youth engagement forums, Cultural Development workshops, Artistic and Employment Programs i.e disc Jockeying, dance festivals, film making, sound production, script writing and art workshops for Australian youth community.

Yeess will deliver innovative youth programs and our service model across Australia with help of Sponsors, Council hubs, Welfare agencies, Australian Government Services and Youth centres.

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