Student Placement

YEESS accepts a number of students each year to complete their placement hours within the organization. Due to the specialised nature of work undertaken by YEESS staff, and the limited time available to staff for supervision of students, YEESS has a preference to generally, but not exclusively, offer student placements to:

TAFE Students

TAFE students studying Youth Work, Community Services and Music/Events Management

University Students

University students studying Social Work and related disciplines

College Students

College students studying relevant disciplines

Contact Us for Placement

If you are interested in completing a placement at YEESS, Please select

  1. Fill out required information on “Contact Us” page.
  2. Select “Student Placement” option.
  3. Please write few lines about yourself in “Your Message section.
  4. Human resource team will contact you for further discussion and information.



Human resource team will contact you, once they review your application .